About Us

Greetings, Interneteers!

Assalaamu 'alaikum. Welcome to our humble abode! 
What started off as a small business during the scourge of the COVID-19 pandemic eventually stuck as our part-time hustle. We love what we do and we hope you love our food too.

We serve a selection of casserole-based menus. All are mainly of two sizes; a "Grand Party" size, and a "Mini Party" size. Great for get-together events and other feisty occasions.

In the meantime, enjoy other goodies, information & tips that we'll provide online from time to time.  

See you soon and don't hesitate to come back for second, third, or whatever n-th helpings you're on!

From the 'Captain' & all 'crews' on board this 'fleet'.

A cartoon image depicting family members of the Ameen Chefs family.
"Affectionately from the entire team."

At Ameen Chefs PLT, we firmly believe in maintaining our status as an independent business without affiliations with political parties, organizations, or other associations. We nurture Islamic values throughout our business venture while valuing the diversity of our customer base. We strive to provide exceptional goods/services while upholding our commitment to integrity and neutrality.

Thank you for choosing us, Ameen Chefs PLT.

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