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The "American Lasagna", Done Sharing Recipe

The "Lasagna" is probably best described as the Western "Murtabak". The best resemblance comes from the fact that a Murtabak is rectangular shaped just like a Lasagna, prepared in layers (if you bought more than 1 piece of Murtabak, that is), and whose meat-filling is sweet (not sure if they are supposed to be sweet by default). One would find that a Murtabak is often accompanied by a dipping sauce in the form of a curry-like gravy or pinkish vinegar. As for a Lasagna, there is no such thing because everything is already packed inside. So, how do we make lasagnas? The original lasagna (that we initially made) can be found on . With time, we deviated slightly from the original recipe. Here's how. Related post:  Pre-order NOW: Delicious Lasagna Luxuriously Layered with Tomato-based Meat Sauce, B├ęchamel, and Mozzarella Cheese     Ingredients For the meat sauce: Minced Meat (Beef or Chicken) - 800g to 1kg Yellow Onion - 2, diced Garlic