Google Business Profile: Making Your Business Known, With Less Cost

Regardless of your business size, having the benefits of reducing costs is always welcomed. Whether you are an at-home or an on-the-roadside business, it is always good to be known.

"When you're known, people will come back," said an acquaintance. Hence, the inferred version implies that when you're not known, how are people supposed to come back to you when they haven't even known you in the first place - correct? 🤣

One of the tools that I think is useful for businesses is the Google Business Profile. It is, by far and as of this point in time, free! Contextually, it is the best place to send your business updates. If you happen to be updating your business regularly, I strongly recommend you use it.

A behind-the-screen screenshot as a Google Business Profile account manager.

By the way, in case it crossed your mind, this is not a paid review.  

How to Register a Business on Google Business Profile

Before you could see the hot menu items as depicted in the screenshot above, you would have to register a Google Business Profile first. Registering your business is fairly straightforward. However, it depends entirely on the current status of your business listing under Google.

Try to Google your business name (either in Google Search or Google Maps) and determine your next course of action based on the following conditions:
  • Google has not listed your business yet. Being listed means that upon retrieving the search results from Google, your business entity appears in a dedicated space on the right (on the left for right-to-left localization context). Just like the one in the screenshot. If this does not appear, then that would mean Google has no information about your business yet mapped in Google Maps. To register, head to the following link,, and sign in using a Google account.

  • Google has listed your business and no one has claimed it. Apart from being listed in a Google Search results page, being visible in Google Maps also fits the definition of being listed. The only thing left now is for you to proceed and claim that it is yours. Look for a "Claim this business" button to register your business under Google Business Place.

    The "Claim this business" button is located at the bottom of the shop details in Google Maps.

  • Google has listed your business and someone has claimed it. It may be the case that the business that you're managing has been claimed by someone else on Google (are you sure it wasn't you?). Refer to this help support on how to re-claim your business profile ownership:
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