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Google Business Profile: Making Your Business Known, With Less Cost

Regardless of your business size, having the benefits of reducing costs is always welcomed. Whether you are an at-home or an on-the-roadside business, it is always good to be known. "When you're known, people will come back," said an acquaintance. Hence, the inferred version implies that when you're not known, how are people supposed to come back to you when they haven't even known you in the first place - correct? 🤣 One of the tools that I think is useful for businesses is the Google Business Profile . It is, by far and as of this point in time, free! Contextually, it is the best place to send your business updates. If you happen to be updating your business regularly, I strongly recommend you use it. A behind-the-screen screenshot as a Google Business Profile account manager. By the way, in case it crossed your mind, this is not a paid review.   How to Register a Business on Google Business Profile Before you could see the hot menu items as depicted in the scre

'Eid Mubarak, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

May Allah accept our deeds. Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin!

Baking in Aluminum Foils - A Food Safety Hazard?

There was one thing that I was particularly obsessed about when we eventually decided to roll out our business. Aluminium contamination. The concern was out of whim. No one or nothing had really prompted me to check it out save for advice that I had received many, many, years ago. Back then, a colleague had advised me against the frequent use of canned food. So, one fine almost sunny day, I decided to Google it out. There, in the abyss of the web, I discovered some facts. There were, in fact, some publications confirming the increased presence of aluminium in food upon its contact with aluminium. This occurs especially with food containing certain levels of acidity and composition, For us, tomatoes and meat, stored, cooked, or baked in an aluminium container, were the core of our food prep. When I became aware of this issue, I became unsettled and couldn't help but feel bad about it. Ertl and Goessler (2018) 1  mentioned in their abstract (publication not accessible directly) that

All That Leftover Meat, A Shepherd's Pie We'll Eat

Today, we'll be making one of our favorites - the classic Shepherd's Pie. Sources reveal that Shepherd's Pie originated in the United Kingdom and Ireland around the 1700s. While there are arguably different ways of preparing the dish, the main feature of the recipe would comprise potatoes and meat. A historical record mentions that housewives used to make them from leftover meat due to adverse conditions during that time. Ready to bake? Here we go! Ingredients Meat Filling: Garlic cloves - 6, minced Yellow onions - 2 large ones, chopped Minced meat (beef/lamb/chicken) - about 1 kg Dried parsley leaves - 6 teaspoons Dried rosemary leaves - 3 teaspoons Dried thyme leaves - 3 teaspoons Brown sugar - 1 or 2 tablespoons Salt - 2.5 teaspoons Grounded black pepper - 2.5 teaspoons All-purpose flour - 6 tablespoons Frozen mixed vegetables (comprising corn kernels, peas, and diced carrots) - 1 kg Tomato purée - 1 can (420ml)  Worcestershire sauce - 3 tablespoons Potato Toppings: Pota

Our Prayers for Al-Aqsa, Palestine

Following the news of the relentless attacks on our brothers and sisters at Al-Aqsa mosque, we are compelled to declare our disgust for the cowardly acts demonstrated by the occupied land's regime. An utter disgrace! Recurring thoughts and prayers.