Opah's Chocolatey Honey Stars Breakfast Cereal

My late Opah, may Allah bless her, used to prepare this one simple breakfast recipe. A breakfast made from the Nestle Honey Stars cereal with a little hint of chocolate. I remember it so well because she used to prepare it warm. The milk was always slightly chocolatey but then I never bothered to ask how she had made it. Perhaps she added some Milo - yes, must be Milo 😁

Let us make some!

Breakfast: Chocolatey Honey Stars 


  • Nestle Honey Stars
  • Milk (fresh/full cream is better)
  • Milo powder

How to Make

  1. Pour Honey Stars cereal into a bowl.
  2. Prepare the milk. Simply warm up the milk either on a stove or a microwave.
  3. Put 3 to 4 spoonfuls of Milo powder into the milk. Stir the mixture until the powder has completely dissolved and turned the milk into a chocolatey color. Of course, how many spoonfuls of chocolatey you want it to depends entirely on you. Put in more, to increase the color's intensity and taste!
  4. Once the milk mixture is ready, pour it into your breakfast cereal!
Alhamdulillah. 頂きます!


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